Colin Sangster  Choreographer / Creative Director

“Colin’s staging and choreography brought the whole event to life.  His vision was perfect.”

                                                                                                                        Sian Evans, Plymouth

Colin has worked in all aspects of the entertainment industry, and harnesses that knowledge and expertise to create innovative car staging and amazing routines.  Whether it’s from small-scale dealership launches, national or international car events, to full-scale car theatre world tours, Colin has the care and vision to give you the ultimate package.

Colin works closely with his clients making every event unique and personalised to their needs.  Through his creativity and vision he brings any show to life so that you and your audience can enjoy the ultimate experience from beginning to end.

            Audi Stage Advert                  Flaming Porsche Routine                    The Stig

                                Amazing Driving                                                    Precision Focus Routine